2024/04/02 Andreas Jungherr

New course: Artificial Intelligence and Democracy

For the coming summer semester, I designed a new course on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on democracy.

Course Description: As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to advance, it becomes crucial to understand its economic, social, and political implications. The course provides students with a comprehensive and realistic understanding of AI’s impact on democracy and the public arena.

We first establish foundational knowledge about the workings of AI and the foundations and context conditions for its success. We then discuss core issues in AI’s impact on democracy. This includes:

  • AI risks and safety,
  • AI Governance,
  • the future of work,
  • AI and the public arena,
  • AI in campaigning, and
  • AI and autocracies.
  • The seminar will introduce the history, concepts, theories, and research methods at the intersection of AI and democracy. We will examine the interplay between digitalization, society, and politics, as well as the various investigative approaches used in this field. Relevant topics will be discussed in the context of current international case studies, offering students an in-depth understanding of the complex relationship between AI and democratic processes.


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