2009/03/08 Andreas Jungherr

Bits and pieces from last week 2009/10

Adam Rogers: Legendary Comics Writer Alan Moore on Superheroes, The League, and Making Magic
In all the Watchmen-Hype that is thrown our way, this is a welcome piece of reflective commentary on comics, superheroes, and some extraordinary gentlemen. Wired interviews the author of Watchmen, Alan Moore.

Bruce Sterling: What Bruce Sterling Actually Said About Web 2.0 at Webstock 09
Sterling’s take on the nature of Web 2.0 and the coming transition makes for great reading for all the self-declared social-media-specialists. Read it. Then read it again, slowly.

Alexander Schellong: Facebook, data and the demographic
A rough guess on the growth of Facebook in terms of server space. Quite a lot of space assuming of course Facebook is still around in 2060.

Stephanie Condon: Obama’s CIO wants more citizen activity on Web
Johnson: Data.gov: The Vivek Kundra Opportunity
Tim O’Brien: Vivek Kundra: Federal CIO in His Own Words
These three articles illustrate why the pol-tech-data-crowd is quite happy with Vivek Kundra. At least this is a discussion on politics/government that doesn’t involve the marketing folks. So I am happy, too.
[via Nancy Scola: Kundra Lays Out “Wholistic View” for Government IT]

James Duncan Davidson: Dear Speakers
And finally some always welcome advice for all public speakers out there.
[via Cory Doctorow: Excellent public speaking advice]

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