2008/12/28 Andreas Jungherr

Some Short Readings for Sunday

What Erick Said by Patrick Ruffini: Great post by Patrick Ruffini on the need for techonogists in political parties to provide the foundations for political campaigns. He also adds some nice observations about the problems of old-school political communicators to adapt to “the culture of the Web”.

Rebuilding the Party: The Technology by Erick Erickson: Technology and conservative parties: The problems and what to do about them.

David Plouffe: The Obama Campaign Used Grassroots Data and Computer Modeling to Allocate Resources in Real Time by Colin Delany: Interesting article on how political campaigns can collect their own polling data and so improve the base for their descion making.

Foreign Friends: from a service-centric to an object-centric social web by Jyri Engeström: A great conceptional piece by Jyri Engeström about the un-walling of the micro-blogging feeds and other social media gardens.